Covid 19 Risk Assessment


Being a self catering property the risk of getting Covid 19 from the people you are with will be low, but please bear in mind some of the risks 😷

Be aware if you get a high temperature 🌡 of 37.8 or above, feel unwell or have any other symptoms of Covid 19, please inform me so I can take appropriate action, please contact 111 on line for further details. There is a thermometer with hygienic covers for you to use if you wish.

You can only visit this site if you have booked an online slot

Please wash your hands 🙌🏼 more regularly than normal using the antibacterial soaps 🧴 provided in the bathrooms & kitchen area, keep one towel for each person for drying your hands. Please use the hand sanitiser provided.

I have provided you with antibacterial/viral cleaning spray & wipes for you to use during your stay, please use these as you need to.

I have a very strict cleaning process between my guests & this is normal practice for me, I have added cleaning all door handles, light switches, keys  & surface areas with bleach, then antibacterial spray. Shower curtain is changed after every guest. Mattress covers & pillow covers are changed after every guests.

All floor areas are washed using hot water & multi purpose cleaner.

All furnishing that are leather will be wiped with antibacterial spray.

All linens are washed at 60 degrees, whites on 90 degrees.

Toys/DVDs have been cleaned to the best of my ability & of course it is your decision to wether they are used or not.

Please keep the property well vented during your stay, windows & doors open when possible.

When outside please stay 2 meters away from other guests & continue to do this whilst out & about in the beautiful Norfolk Area.

When leaving the property please remove all waste bags/recycling & place in outside bins.

Many thanks for your understanding & I do hope you have a lovely stay & enjoy The Old Bakery

Be Alert, be safe, & protect the National health service


With kind regards Annette